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Important Notice to Our Customers:

  • When searching for a current Secured or unpaid Prior Year tax bill, please search by either the parcel number or the current mailing address.
  • When searching for a Supplemental or Escape Tax Bill, please search by either the Supplemental/Escape tax bill number or the current mailing address.
  • When searching for a Prior Year Unpaid Defaulted Tax Bill, please search by either the parcel number or the current mailing address.
  • When searching for an Unsecured Tax Bill (for businesses, boats, or airplanes), please search by the 4 digit year and 6 digit bill number.

Duplicate tax bills are $1.00 and can be obtained at any Tax Collector's office.

Regarding e-mail Reminders:
If you received a courtesy e-mail reminder regarding secured property taxes and you or your lender have already paid  OR you do not own secured property in the County of San Diego, please disregard the e-mail.

If you received an e-mail regarding Tax Sales and would like additional information, please click here.

To opt out of receiving future e-mail reminders, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the original email and your email address will automatically be removed.

Regarding Lender Payments:
If you are inquiring about the status of a payment made on your behalf by your lender or a financial institution, please note that lenders (or their representative tax service company) generally pay by wire in bulk just prior to December 10th and April 10th, even though your account may reflect a debit in the month prior. 

Our office processes the wire payments as quickly as possible. However, it can take up to two weeks for the payment to post to your account. Your parcel will be considered paid as of the date we received your lender’s payment. Our website has the same up-to-date information that our customer service representatives would be able to provide.

Regarding Optional Payment Methods:
Should you experience a delay using our on-line electronic payment system, please see other convenient payment options below to pay by phone, mail, or in person at one of our offices. Most property tax payments are paid and processed each year between Nov. 1 - Dec. 10 and Feb. 1 - Apr. 10.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact our office at 877.829.4732.

No cash is accepted at the Branch Offices. Cash is only accepted at the Main Office County Administration Center.

All locations accept check payments.