San Diego County Investment Pool Reaches Record $10.5 Billion

investment pool graph
The investment pool's balance over the last decade


The San Diego County investment pool has reached an all-time high of $10.5 billion while maintaining a “AAA” rating, County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced today.

The pool, managed by the County Treasury, is a local government fund comprised of money from more than 200 public agencies. Agencies that are required to invest their money in the fund include the County, all 42 local public school districts, five community college districts, and water and fire districts. Voluntary participants include the San Diego Regional Airport Authority, SANDAG, MTS, and other special districts.

“Our experienced investment team makes security, liquidity and risk management the three top goals for managing the public’s money,” said McAllister. “When our participants entrust their money to us, they want to know we will manage their funds successfully by providing competitive returns. The pool’s growth to $10.5 billion demonstrates our success.”

For 17 consecutive years, the investment pool has received a “AAA” rating. This year, Fitch Ratings indicated the pool has the highest underlying credit quality (or lowest vulnerability to default) and a very low sensitivity to market risk.

A team of full-time investment professionals in the Treasury handles day-to-day management of the investment pool. Additionally, an 11-member oversight committee – comprised of county, school, and public agency officials and three public members – meets quarterly to review the pool’s status. The committee also examines and updates the county’s investment policy annually.