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Only Registered Bidders may participate in bidding on tax sale items offered at the sale.

Bidders must have a enough funds, in an acceptable form of payment, with them at the time of bidding to complete their purchase. Funds used to purchase property at tax sale must be in one of the acceptable Forms of Payment stated below. DO NOT bid on an item if you do not have enough funds with you at the time of bidding to complete the sale, or, if eligible, make the required deposit for a Deferred Payment Agreement. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ADDITIONAL TIME TO OBTAIN FUNDS. Successful bidders will be immediately escorted to the cashier's table to complete the sale.

Acceptable Forms of Payment
Money Order
Traveler's Check
Cashier's/Certified Check
Unacceptable Forms of Payment
Personal Checks
Business Checks
Credit Cards

Money Orders, Traveler's Checks, and Cashier's/Certified Checks should be made payable to the: SAN DIEGO COUNTY TREASURER-TAX COLLECTOR.

Mailed or sealed bids cannot be accepted for our public auction sale. You or your agent must be present at the auction to bid on the properties. After each parcel is offered, the successful bidder must IMMEDIATELY pay the full purchase price to the Treasurer-Tax Collector on any high bid item of $5,000.00 or less. (For high bid items over $5,000.00, see "DEFERRED PAYMENT AGREEMENT").

The Documentary Stamp Act requires the payment of a "Transfer Tax" at the rate of 55 cents for each $500.00 of value or fractional part thereof when the bid exceeds $100.00. The transfer tax will be collected at the time the purchase price is paid in full.