Pay Now or Pay More Later: Heftier Penalties Await 33,000 Delinquent Property Owners


Over 33,000 property owners have just one month to pay their delinquent property taxes before their bills go into default and incur heavier penalties.

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced today that his office will begin mailing 33,014 reminders to property owners who did not pay one or both of their 2017-2018 property tax installments. The total amount still due is $86,589,830.

Late taxpayers have already incurred a 10% late fee on each of their unpaid installments, plus a $10 redemption fee. If those bills remain unpaid after June 30, they will accrue an extra 1.5% penalty per month or 18% per year.

“Nearly 99% of our taxpayers have already stepped up to pay on time,” said McAllister. “We want to remind those who haven’t to pay now or pay more later.”

If you have a delinquent bill, you must pay or postmark it by June 30 to avoid the extra penalty. The best and quickest way to pay is through the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s (TTC) website,, using free e-check.

The TTC sent 10% fewer delinquent reminder notices this year compared to last, when 36,826 reminders were mailed and $92,951,792 was owed.

Last September, the TTC mailed a total of 993,821 secured property tax bills. Payments were due in two equal installments: the first was due on Nov. 1 and delinquent after Dec. 10, and the second was due Feb. 1 and delinquent after April 10.