Pay Now or Pay More Later: Property Taxes Due April 10


Time is ticking down to an important property tax deadline. San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister reminded taxpayers today to pay their second property tax installments by April 10 or face an additional 10% penalty, plus a $10 fee.

The easiest, fastest way to pay is by free e-check at

“This year was a bit of an anomaly. We saw 25 percent of taxpayers pay their second installments before December 31st so they could fully deduct those taxes before new federal tax legislation went into effect,” said McAllister. “That’s about 72,000 more tax payments than the same period during the previous year.”

However, more than half of the county’s second installments were still unpaid as of March 30, 2018. Completed online payments will be accepted until midnight on April 10. Taxpayers should log on early to give themselves plenty of time to finish a payment before the midnight cutoff.

Last September, the TTC sent out 993,821 tax bills, which are expected to generate $6.05 billion for the County of San Diego. So far, 99% have paid their first installment, and 43% have paid their second. In total, the office has collected $4.3 billion.

“Every year, we’ve seen the number of online payments go up and up, and we want to continue that trend,” said McAllister. “Approximately 56% of people pay electronically because they know it’s secure, fast and easy.”

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