County Has $441K in Refunds to Return


Start your summer vacation with extra cash in your pocket. San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced today that his office is trying to reunite $441,000 in County refunds with its rightful owners.

To see if your name is on the list, click here.

“In the past, sadly, most of these refunds were never claimed. We are asking the public’s help to spread the word so we can get this money back to San Diegans,” said McAllister. “If you’ve done business with any County department, you may have money in your name.”

Refunds are broken into two lists: countywide unclaimed money and unclaimed property tax refunds. If you are owed money, file a refund claim by September 7, before the money is rolled into the County general fund. You can email your claim to; for help, call toll free at (877) 829-4732.

Every year, the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office (TTC) office makes a strong effort to reunite San Diegans with money they have overpaid on taxes or fees. In the past five years, the TTC has refunded $480,000.

“Even if you’re not on the list this year, sign up for our ‘new unclaimed money’ e-notifications so you will get an email when we publish new refund lists,” said McAllister.

Current state law says countywide monies that are unclaimed for three years and property tax refunds that are unclaimed for four years must be turned over to the County’s general fund.

This year, the TTC has unclaimed refunds totaling $441,000. Unclaimed property tax refunds make up $161,000 of that amount, and $280,000 is from other county departments.

The smallest refund amount available is $10, and the largest refund amount is $22,720, owed to IME Holdings by the County’s Planning and Development Services.