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You may now search and pay for unsecured, defaulted, and supplemental tax bills that have due dates after June 30, 2017.

**Please Note: The 2017-2018 annual secured tax bills will be available online beginning mid-October 2017. 

  • When searching for a supplemental or defaulted tax bills, please enter the parcel or bill number with no dashes or spaces. 

  • When searching for an unsecured Tax Bill (for businesses, boats, or airplanes), please search by the 4-digit year and 6-digit bill number.

  • Note: Lender payments are generally processed before the delinquent date. Please contact your lender to confirm that they have scheduled your payment. 
Warning: If you experience server errors while paying your taxes online from a country outside of the U.S., you can pay your bill by mail or by phone with a credit card using our secure phone payment system at (619) 696-9994.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

You can get a duplicate tax bills for $1 at any Tax Collector's office.

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Avoid Penalties from Rejected E-check Payments - Four Easy Reminders:

Use an open checking account.

  1. Use information shown on the bottom of your check.
  2. Do not use information from a deposit slip.
  3. Make sure the account is not closed.

Enter the account number accurately.

  1. Be sure to include all digits.
  2. Do not include the check number.
  3. Enter the number twice for verification.
  4. Do not copy your first entry.

Enter the routing number accurately.

  1. Be sure to include all digits.
  2. Do not transpose numbers.

Verify the information.

  1. Double check your routing and account number to avoid a $25 returned check fee and delinquent penalties.

Regarding e-mail Reminders:

Regarding Lender Payments:

Regarding Optional Payment Methods:


* Cash accepted at Downtown Office ONLY.