Bulk Tax Payment Options

If you are paying 20 or more annual or supplemental secured property tax bills, we’ve made paying easy and more convenient.

3 Easy Steps to Pay Secured or Supplemental Bills

Step 1: Complete spreadsheet.

  • Click here for instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet. No matter which payment option you choose, you must complete the pre-formatted spreadsheet template. 

Step 2: Select one of the payment options below.

Step 3: Submit both to Payment.Processing@sdcounty.ca.gov

Are you paying defaulted prior-year secured or unsecured property tax bills?

  1. Click here for search/payment page.
  2. Add bills to cart.
  3. Select payment option. 

Avoid Penalties

Act early! Submit your spreadsheet well in advance of the delinquent dates of Dec. 10 and April 10.

Have Questions?   For assistance, contact us at payment.processing@sdcounty.ca.gov