40K Late Property Tax Bills Still Have Time to Avoid Additional Penalties


San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister sent 40,023 notices today to property owners who did not pay all their 2021-2022 property taxes and remind them there is still time to avoid additional penalties if the bills are paid by June 30.

“On July 1, unpaid bills will go into default and receive additional penalties of 1.5% each month,” said McAllister. “That penalty adds up to a hefty 18% per year but is avoidable if payments are received by the June 30 deadline.” Taxpayers can quickly and easily pay their bills online at sdttc.com at no additional cost if payment is made using the free e-check option.  

Property taxes are due in two installments. The first date is in December and the second is in April. Each late installment has already incurred a 10% penalty, plus a $10 fee if the second installment is late. 

The total of late taxes due is $134 million. The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office (TTC) mailed 2,014 fewer late notices this year compared to last year, when $138 million in property taxes was due before the June 30 default deadline. 

So far, the TTC has collected 99.03% of first installments and 97.44% of second installments. 

“Last year, we had a collection rate of 99%, and we want to thank San Diegans for paying their taxes on time,” said McAllister. “There is still a small percentage of bills that are not yet paid, and we want to provide a reminder that there’s still time to avoid additional penalties.” 

The possibility of increased penalties is not the only incentive to pay unpaid taxes by June 30. Under California State law, properties that have been in default for five years may be sold at a tax sale.