Deferred Compensation

The County of San Diego’s Deferred Compensation Program is committed to helping County Employees plan for and live in retirement. The program offers 401(a), 457(b) Traditional, and 457(b) ROTH retirement savings plans, as well as educational resources and tools to ensure that County Employees have the ability to attain a more secure retirement.

Office Location County Administration Center
1600 Pacific Highway, Room 102
San Diego, CA 92101
Deferred Compensation Website
County Phone Number 619-531-5840
Nationwide Phone Number 1-888-DC4-LIFE (324-5433)
Mail Stop A-49
Fax Number 619-531-4937

All Deferred Compensation Plan related information can be found at

Terminal Pay Plan (Vacation Pay Out)

The Terminal Pay Plan (TPP) is a retirement benefit program implemented to provide eligible employees who separate from County service an opportunity to increase their tax-deferred retirement savings. Under TPP rules, the County will make a contribution to the TPP in lieu of paying any accrued vacation leave you may be entitled to receive at separation. Eligibility to receive sick pay is determined by your bargaining unit and can be found in Section 4.2.2 of the County Compensation Ordinance. 

If you retire or separate from service, and you are a Tier I, Tier A, or Tier B member in the San Diego County Employee Retirement Association (SDCERA), and you are 55+ years of age or 50+ for Deputy Sheriff (DS) or Sheriff Management (SM), then your participation in the TPP is automatic. Your TPP benefit will be an amount equivalent to the value of your accrued vacation and any eligible sick time.

To initiate your terminal payout, please complete the Terminal Pay Plan Request Form below. Be sure to indicate how you would like to receive the funds in the Payment Methods section. 

Important Terminal Pay Plan Forms