Countywide Unclaimed Money

The County of San Diego has $703,000 to reunite with its rightful owners. San Diegans have until September 6, 2019, to claim their money.

Unclaimed funds are broken into two lists: countywide unclaimed money on this page and property tax refunds. If you find your name, follow the instructions below the list to submit a claim. 

Examples of refunds on this page include unclaimed planning and land use deposits, Department of Environmental Health permits, and deposits to the courts. 

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Filing a Claim

Step 1:

Find your name on the Countywide Unclaimed Monies list. 

Step 2:

Fill out a Unclaimed Monies Request Form

If you are filing a claim for which there are multiple payees, each payee must sign the claim form and submit the required documentation.

Your signature WILL need to be notarized if your claim exceeds $500.

Step 3:

You must provide the following documentation to our office when filing your claim:


  • A copy of current photo identification for each claimant
  • Verification of address, if mailing address if different from original mailing address or photo identification


  • Copy of current photo identification for the authorized agent signing the form
  • Letter of authorization on company letterhead with the names of officers or officials with authority to sign and claim on behalf of the business
  • If your company merged with another company, a copy of the merger agreement;
  • If your company was dissolved, a copy of the articles of dissolution;

Step 4:

E-mail the completed form and documents to or mail the form and documents to the following address:

County of San Diego Treasurer-Tax Collector
Attn: Escheatment Processing
1600 Pacific Highway, Rm 152
San Diego, CA 92101