Countywide Unclaimed Money

The refund period for unclaimed county money is over. All unclaimed money will be turned over to the County of San Diego's general fund. 

You can still sign up for our unclaimed money email list to be notified when we publish the names of new people who are owed money. 

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Filing a Claim

Step 1:

Find your name on the Countywide Unclaimed Monies list. 

Step 2:

Fill out a Unclaimed Monies Request Form

If you are filing a claim for which there are multiple payees, each payee must sign the claim form and submit the required documentation.

Your signature WILL need to be notarized if your claim exceeds $500.

Step 3:

You must provide the following documentation to our office when filing your claim:


  • A copy of current photo identification for each claimant
  • Verification of address, if mailing address if different from original mailing address or photo identification


  • Copy of current photo identification for the authorized agent signing the form
  • Letter of authorization on company letterhead with the names of officers or officials with authority to sign and claim on behalf of the business
  • If your company merged with another company, a copy of the merger agreement;
  • If your company was dissolved, a copy of the articles of dissolution;

Step 4:

E-mail the completed form and documents to or mail the form and documents to the following address:

County of San Diego Treasurer-Tax Collector
Attn: Escheatment Processing
1600 Pacific Highway, Rm 152
San Diego, CA 92101