Online Security

Our office frequently gets this question: "How do I know it's safe to pay my property taxes online?" 

We want to answer that question by explaining the security we've put in place to ensure your payments are safe when made online. 

Our office follows the County of San Diego’s established security policies managed by our IT outsourcing partner, Perspecta.

We also use third-party vendors - all of whom are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant - to process secure transactions over the web. That means that our office does not store any personal credit card data on County systems, making it more convenient and safe for our customers.

Additionally, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL/HTTPS) technology. Some key benefits of this technology are:

  1. Ensuring secure communication: SSL will encrypt information between the website and the end users’ web browser 

  2. Build and enhance trust: Our website displays an "https" address ( and a security padlock icon in the address bar of the browser. This visually shows you have a secure connection to our website. 

  3. Search engine optimization: Search engines (e.g. Google & Bing) rate secure sites higher and are more likely to return a secure site higher in search results.

For more information on County web security, please visit the County Security and Privacy Policies page.