Lender - Title Company Payments

Our office receives a high volume of tax payments each day, especially during our peak collection periods.  In order to help ensure that your clients tax bills are paid without unnecessary delays, we are providing some helpful information below:

Common Causes for Delayed Posting of Payments 

  • Peak Periods
  • Incorrect amounts (shortage or overage)
  • Unidentifiable Parcel/Bill
  • Late USPS Postmark
  • Already paid 

Mailing/Submitting Multiple Checks for One Parcel and/or One Bill Separately:

Our office is unable to accept partial payments.  A partial payment received will not be applied to pay a tax bill.  Therefore, if a tax payment and the delinquent penalty payment are mailed separately, this will most likely cause a delay in posting the payment.  It is highly recommended when submitting multiple checks to pay the total amount due, that all the checks are sent in the same envelope. 

Check Returns:

When a check is returned, for any reason, it is returned to the entity and address that appear on the envelope the payment was received in.  For example, if Corelogic sends us a check from their headquarters in Texas, on behalf of their client, and the name and address printed on the check is ABC Business in California, we will return the check to Corelogic in Texas, based on our procedures.   

Duplicate Payments:

Often-times, property owners forget that their lender or title company has been authorized to pay their property taxes.  Therefore, they pay the property taxes themselves.  This leads to duplicate payments and multiple refunds.  To avoid this issue, please remind your clients in November and February each year that you will submit payment for their property taxes before the December 10th and April 10th delinquent dates. 

Lost Checks – Penalty Cancellation Requests 

To avoid delays, the Lost Check Affidavit portion of the Penalty Cancellation Request Form must be completed and include all required documents in order to be considered.  You will find the request form by clicking here.

If you have additional questions regarding property taxes, please contact us at (877) 829-4732.