Prior-Year Property Tax Records

This page provides prior-year secured property tax data for information purposes only. Unsecured and defaulted tax property tax information is not included.

Results only reflect a summary of PAID secured property taxes as they were on June 30 for the parcel or bill number entered. The data does not include adjustments made to the prior-year property tax roll after the roll closed on June 30. Records for which neither installment was paid will result in “record not found.” If the query results in “record not found” or no data, then the installment was not paid in full as of June 30, may be delinquent or defaulted, or may have resulted in a refund. Please use the online payment system to search/pay current-year, delinquent or defaulted taxes.

These records will show the owner as of the January 1 lien date. If you purchased the property after January 1, please reference your purchase date to determine which payments were made during your period of ownership.

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 1st Installment2nd Installment
Parcel / Bill Number Owner Name Collected DateInstall Amount Amount Paid Status Penalty Install Amount Amount Paid Status Penalty
Record not found or not valid data
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