Mobile Home Tax Clearance

The Treasurer-Tax Collector provides Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificates, upon request, when a mobile home (also known as a manufactured home) is purchased or title to the mobile home is transferred or changed.  

After July 1, 1980, all mobile homes are subject to local property taxes. If purchased new prior to July 1, 1980, the mobile home may voluntarily be converted from the annual vehicle license fee to local property taxation. 

A tax clearance certificate is required by Housing and Community Development when making a change to how title of a mobile home is held or sale of the property for new or resold mobile homes.

Requesting a Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate

Please submit:

  1. Completed Manufactured Home Tax Clearance Request Form

  2. Copy of the current registration or title report

Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

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