Pay Late Property Taxes to Avoid Additional Penalties


Residents have until June 30 to pay property taxes

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister reminded taxpayers that they have just a few days to pay their bills, or they will fall into default. Residents have until midnight on June 30 to avoid additional penalties.  

“Defaulted bills will be charged a 1.5% penalty per month after June 30, along with a $33 redemption fee,” said McAllister. “That’s an 18% penalty after a year. We want to encourage everyone who hasn’t paid to do so by June 30.” 

In late May, the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office (TTC) office sent more than 40,023 reminder notices, totaling $134 million, to people who did not pay all their 2021-2022 property taxes. Since then, delinquent property owners have paid $52 million in late taxes and penalties, but another $82 million is still due. 

Property taxes are due in two installments – the first in November and the second in February. Each late installment has already incurred a 10% penalty, plus a $10 fee if the second installment was late. 

So far, the TTC has collected 99.2% of first installments and 98.8% of second installments. 

“We appreciate San Diegans who pay their taxes on time, but it’s not always feasible. That’s why we work hard along the way to notify, educate and encourage people to pay in a timely manner and avoid penalties,” McAllister said.  

Property owners can pay their delinquent taxes immediately online at, where free e-check is the fastest and easiest way to pay. Begin your online payment well before the June 30 midnight deadline to make sure the payment is on time. 

Suggestion of increased penalties is not the only incentive for people to pay their taxes. Under California law, the TTC may sell properties that have been in default for five years.