Property Taxes Due By December 12; Paying by E-check is Fast and Free


Taxes to generate $8.06 billion

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 2, 2022 – San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister reminded property owners to visit to pay their property taxes soon or face penalties. The first installment of the 2022-2023 secured property tax bill is due no later than December 12th.  

“This year, because the usual tax deadline of December 10th falls on a weekend, there are two extra days to pay,” said McAllister. 

“In September, the Treasurer-Tax Collector sent out 1,011,364 tax bills, which are expected to generate $8.06 billion for the County of San Diego. To date, we have received just over 30% percent of the first installment payments, but the deadline is fast approaching,” McAllister continued. “San Diego taxpayers have 11 more days to pay, and I encourage everyone to avoid delays and extra fees by paying early and online.” 

“Please go to to find the information you need to pay on time,” said McAllister. “More than 70% of San Diego taxpayers now pay electronically because it is secure, fast, and easy.” 

Property taxes fund schools, libraries and other services provided by local cities and the county. Click here to see how taxes are allocated. 

Ways to Pay Property Taxes:

  • Pay Online – Owners can securely pay online by using Fast & Free e-Checks. Go to and click “PAY BILL” on the homepage. Online payments will be accepted until midnight on Dec. 12. 
  • Mail Paper Check - Mailed payments must be postmarked Dec. 12 to be considered on time. 
  • Pay by Phone or in Person - Payments can be made by phone at 855-829-3773 or in person by visiting any of the five branch offices. 

Additional Property Tax Payment Information:  

  1. Check payment not cashed yet? We appreciate your patience. Please do not put a stop payment on the check as it will result in additional tax collector fees.  The payment will be credited as of the date received or postmarked.  If the check has not cleared after 10 weeks, please submit a Request for Cancellation of Penalties based on a lost check.  You may find the form on our website by clicking here. 
  2. Payment made by your lender? Mortgage companies do not send in their payments until right before the delinquent date. They may have withdrawn the funds from you in November, but they compile the funds and send a multi-million dollar wire (paying thousands of parcels) right before the delinquent date.  When we process their payment, the website is normally updated within 48 to 72 hours.  If the wire was received by the delinquent date, the payment will not be delinquent. 
  3. Did not receive a bill? If you did not receive your tax bill, please access it online.  The first installment will become delinquent if unpaid after December 12th.  The second installment is due February 1, 2023 and will become delinquent if unpaid after April 10, 2023.  Failure to receive a tax bill will not prevent penalties from being imposed on a late payment.