“Don’t trash your cash!”


Treasurer-Tax Collector Extends Unclaimed Money Deadline 

$500k+ in refunds available; Deadline to file claim is now October 6, 2023  

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 25, 2023 – San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister said, “Don’t trash your cash!”  today as he announced the deadline extension for people to file a claim if they are owed County Unclaimed Monies. Readers are urged to go online now to find out if they are owed part of $543,171 in unclaimed money before it is rolled into the County General Fund.  The previous deadline of September 21, 2023, has been extended to Friday, October 6, 2023.  

“It pains us greatly to see people walk away from money,” McAllister said. “So far, only a handful of people have filed claims. There is still over $500,000 unclaimed. Because of that, I have extended the deadline and we are expanding our outreach efforts to reach those who may be owed money,” McAllister said.  

“If you have done business with the county in the last three years, including paying property taxes, you could be on the Unclaimed Monies list.”  

Each year the Treasurer-Tax Collector and other County departments have thousands of dollars that are owed to taxpayers. This usually results from warrants/checks that are undeliverable by the postal service. Refunds-owed could be a result of overpaid taxes or instances in which individual and organizations are doing business with or receiving County services.   

After several years of no claim being received the funds are escheated.  While the County works to return these monies to the rightful owner, some refunds remain unclaimed.     

“My staff and I are working hard to return this money to the citizens of San Diego,” said McAllister. “The average refund is $998.76, and that can go a long way for those who are the rightful owners and who need it.”     

To view a list of the 1,056 unclaimed refunds, go to Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website.  Alternatively, hard copies of the list are available at any one of the following Treasurer-Tax Collector office locations.  

If you are owed money, follow the instructions on the unclaimed money page of the website to file a refund claim by October 6, 2023, before the money is rolled into the county’s general fund.    

You can email your claim to refunds@sdcounty.ca.gov or call 1-877-829-4732 for more information. Anyone can sign up to receive emails when new unclaimed money lists are posted.    

“We want all of this money returned to San Diegans, so please tell your friends and family to go to sdttc.com to check the unclaimed money list,” said McAllister. The smallest refund amount available is $15.13, and the largest refund amount is $41,491.24.   

Every year, the Treasurer-Tax Collector makes a strong effort to reunite San Diegans with money they have overpaid on taxes or fees. Current state law says countywide money that is unclaimed for three years and property tax refunds that are unclaimed for four years must be turned over to the County’s general fund.