Wondering if you or your lender is going to pay your property tax bill?

We are in the process of mailing the 2020-2021 annual property tax bills. If you don't receive a tax bill by October 31, please find your bill online.

Property owners who have an escrow account with their lenders normally receive a "copy statement" of their property tax bill, which has a watermark in the middle of the bill that says, "Copy Statement: Escrow/Impound Account."  This year, the property tax system caused some of the copy statements to be printed as regular bills. This did not have any impact on your escrow account with your lender.  We encourage you to contact your lender to confirm that they will pay the bill on your behalf.

If you did receive a "copy statement," then your bill has been requested by a lender or agent on your behalf.  If you do not have a lender or agent paying your property taxes on your behalf, please use the stubs of the "Copy Statement" to pay the bill yourself. If you are unsure, please contact your lender for more information as to how your property taxes will be handled. Generally, lenders do not submit payments to the tax collector until very close to the delinquent date.