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The San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector recently mailed 22,850 defaulted bills for a total of $106 million.

When the 2018-2019 annual and supplemental bills were not paid by the close of the tax roll on June 30, 2019, the bills went into default and additional penalties and fees were added.

Supplemental bills are separate and in addition to the annual tax bill.  They are not sent to your lender for payment.

The defaulted bills will continue to accumulate penalties at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% per year) until paid in full.

Partial payments are not accepted.

You may be eligible to set up a 5-year payment plan to help pay your defaulted taxes.

Penalties may only be canceled under specific conditions authorized by the California Revenue & Taxation Code.

Penalties will NOT be canceled for the following reasons:

  • Forgot to pay
  • Financial hardship
  • Lost tax bill/failed to receive tax bill 
  • Thought the delinquent date was April 15th
  • Out of town on delinquent date
  • Payment made through online bill pay not received on time

Click here for more information regarding canceling penalties.

Mailed payments or payments made through your bank's online bill pay system may take up to six weeks to process. Click here to make an online payment that would be credited today!