2nd Installment Late After April 12

The 2nd installment of the annual tax bill was due February 1st and will become delinquent if it remains unpaid after April 12th.  All payments must be received or U.S.P.S. postmarked on or before April 12th to avoid penalties.


If you have an impound/escrow account with your mortgage provider, please check with them to confirm that they will schedule the payment.


If you have already mailed your payment, it may be in our office pending processing. Normally, it may take up to 6 weeks for a mailed payment to be processed.  However, we are working through a backlog at this time.  Please allow more time for processing.  We appreciate your patience. Please do not put a stop payment on the check as it will result in additional tax collector fees.  The payment will be credited as of the date received or U.S.P.S. Postmarked. We apologize for the delay.


For quicker processing, pay online. There is no fee charged to pay by e-check using the routing and account numbers on the bottom of your checks.