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Per Proposition 13, your assessed value may increase by up to 2% per year. Based upon this, one would expect the tax bill to go up a little each year.  However, some taxpayers may have experienced increases above the 2% threshold.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1) PACE ASSESSMENT:  If you see a significant increase in the Fixed Charges Assessments reflected on your bill, perhaps you may recall that you recently performed some energy efficient upgrades on your property.  These upgrades may have been funded through a PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) loan that will be paid back through your property taxes.  Click here to watch a quick video about the PACE Assessment Program.

2) RESTORATION OF VALUE:  If there was no change in ownership or new construction and the assessed value increased by more than 2%,  your parcel may have received a temporary reduction of value in a previous year due to a decline in the market and that temporary status has expired. You may contact the County Assessor at (858) 505-6262 for additional details regarding the valuation of the property. 

3) CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP OR NEW CONSTRUCTION: If you purchased a home or completed new construction within the last year, you may previously have paid annual taxes based on the previous owners' Prop 13 base assessed value.  You may have also paid a supplemental bill last year.  Whenever there is a change in ownership or new construction, the County Assessor re-assesses the property and sets the base assessed value.  Your new assessed value may now be reflected in your annual bill.  You will not receive additional supplemental bills unless there is a change in title or new construction completed on the property.