Thank You Property Taxpayers


99.10% of Taxes Paid for Over 1 Million Properties

SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced that 99.10% of the overall expected $7.6 billion in property tax charges were paid, surpassing last year’s total of 99.02%. Taxes owed this year were nearly $300 million more than last year’s $7.3 billion.  

“San Diego County is home to 1,006,991 parcels,” McAllister said. “For this deadline, we surpassed the percentage of taxes paid over what was paid in 2021. Despite the ongoing pandemic and shifts in cost of living, San Diegans are responsible and engaged, stepping up and paying what they owe. This revenue helps fund our public schools, first responders, and other essential services.”

McAllister encouraged taxpayers to make future payments via the free e-check payment system at  

“About 70% of customers pay online using the free and secure e-check option; we want to see that number climb towards 100% -- it’s quick, secure, and saves in travel time and cost. Taxpayers can go to to view and pay their bill,” McAllister continued. “There’s no fee to use an e-check online, and you will get an immediate receipt that you wouldn’t receive paying by mail.”  

Reasons to pay property taxes online: 

  • website is secure.
  • Paying online is better for the environment.
  • The payment system is fast and easy to use.

Customers with tax collection questions can call: 1-877-829-4732.