Unsecured Property Tax FAQs

Still have questions about unsecured property taxes? Browse our most frequently asked questions below.

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What types of property result in the issuance of an unsecured tax bill?

Why do I have to pay taxes on my boat?

How does a sale, removal or disposal of my business equipment, boat or aircraft affect my tax bill?

What happens if I don’t pay my unsecured taxes on time?

Do I need to pay the tax bill while appealing or talking with the assessor about a reduction in the value assessed?

Why did I receive an unsecured tax bill when I don’t own any personal property?

What if I don't receive my unsecured tax bill?

How do you enforce unsecured tax collection?

How do I release a lien?

What penalties are added for mobile home, possessory interest, and state enrolled unsecured tax bills?